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FAMAG Self-centering hinge boring BitØ 2,0mm, 3582020

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FAMAG Self-centering hinge boring BitØ 2,0mm, 3582020 - Small centre point, taper tap and two main cutting edges. The Zenterfix is equipped with a guide bush incl. spring and a core drill HSS with roof tip. Tear free accurate hinge drillings. The tool steel version for uncoated soft wood. The Bormax® - geometry for coated boards and limited for plastic laminated chipboards or MDF. Carbide tipped version can be used without problems for plastic coated materials. The Zenterfix will centre itself in a screw hole of a fitting or a hinge. Only the BORMAX - geometry tools are suitable for freehand drilling. When using Bormax® on coated boards, let the power drill run very slowly so that the teeth can tear the coating open and the drill won't be damaged by too much heat. Alloyed tool steel or TCT (main cutting edge and taper tap). 1000 rpm for Tool steel-types. 2500 rpm for TCT-types. Further details in the speed diagram

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