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FAMAG Right-Angle-Driver 90fix, 1598750

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SKU: F1598750
FAMAG Right-Angle-Driver 90fix, 1598750 - Solid right-angle-driver with aluminium housing and bevel toothed metal gear wheels (ideal transmission of force). Take-up device for all 1/4“ bits and drilling tools (e.g. product line 1596) with hexagonal shank. Angle of screwing 90°, exchangeable plastic handle. Professional screwing and drilling "to the last corner" with cordless screwdriver. Maximum transferable torque 50Nm. Ideal for screwings with a cordless screwdriver in a small space. Works well in combination with product lines 1596/2596. Aluminium housing. Rotation speed of cordless screwdriver max 2000 rpm
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