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MORSE RECIP Bi-Metal Hybrid 8" 035 10"/14 5 Pack, RB81014T05

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SKU: MKRB81014T05
M.K. Morse RB81014T05 8-by-3/4-by-0.035-Inch 10/14 TPI Bi-metal Reciprocating Saw Blade, 5-Pack VARI-PITCH, 8% Cobalt edge offers more wear resistance, Matrix II cutting edge has shock resistant teeth that resist strippage, Available in a variety of blade thicknesses to meet flexibility and rigidity needs for different aplications, Electron beam welded the Matrix II cutting edge to control the process and guarantee quality., Morse items will be delivered 48 hours after order
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Width Height Depth
0.025 0.283 0.013
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