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FLUID POWER Drum Tap 2" BSP (polypropylene with nitrile seal), 919016

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"FLUID POWER Drum Tap 2"" BSP (polypropylene with nitrile seal), 919016 - With a 2"" BSP male thread, this polyethylene barrel tap allows for the easy closing and opening to control fluids in a barrel drum. In a gold colour to stand out, this product is lightweight at only 250g and has the ability to completely empty a 210 litre drum in just three minutes. Also features an EPT seal to ensure no leakage occurs. Features and Benefits- Allows for a fast flow, as it has the ability to empty a 210 litre barrel drum in just three minutes, Manufactured from hard wearing, low density polyethylene to provide overall product longevity, Is both corrosion and impact resistance making it durable even with extended use. Seal is made from ethylene propylene, which has a vast working temperature of -50°C to +160°C and has great resilience to ensure the contents of your barrel drum doesn't leak For use on horizontal drums and is compatible with most barrel drum fittings "
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