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FAMAG TCT Bormax 3 Prima (pilot Guided) Forstners 15mm -50mm

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SKU: F1664015

TCT Bormax prima with exchangeable centre point and pre-drill bit. The two carbide tipped main cutting edges ensure a maximum service life also in hard and coated materials. Included in the delivery: Bormax, exchangeable centre point, pre-drill bit Ø 4 mm and one allen key. Hexagonal shank for a better power transfer, Clean drilling at many angles in all wood materials like European and exotic hard wood (also Bongossi), MDF, coated and uncoated chipboards, as well as many plastics, such as acrylic glass, Corian, GFRP, HPL coating, polycarbonate, PVC and Trespa board,In combination with extension shanks product line 1639 perfectly suitable for drilling deep holes. TCT (main cutting edges), pre-drill HSS-G. 1800 - 5000 rpm. e.g. Ø 35 mm 3000 rpm in European hard wood.

Product details
Effective length Shank diameter Size diameter
57mm 10mm 15mm
Option details
Size Price Effective length Shank diameter Size diameter
£94.39 57mm 10mm 15mm
£96.53 57mm 10mm 20mm
£98.87 57mm 10mm 25mm
£101.15 57mm 10mm 30mm
£105.29 57mm 10mm 35mm
£122.68 57mm 10mm 40mm
£154.76 57mm 10mm 45mm
£175.53 57mm 10mm 50mm
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