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FAMAG 6-piece Router Bit combi set with shank 8 mm

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SKU: F3113906
6-piece combi set - FAMAG recommendation, Art. No. 3113.906 We were wondering which router bits are most often used? Our offer is this small 6-piece set with two straight bits (series 3107), one dovetail bit (Art. No. 3104.812), one core box bit (Art. No. 3106.812), one rounding over bit (Art. No. 3109.819) and the Roman ogee bit Art. No. 3113.834. TCT dovetail bit D12,7 B12,7 <14° oA 3104.812 TCT cove bit D12,7 B9,5 R6,4 oA 3106.812 TCT straight bit D8 B20 oA 3107.808 TCT straight bit D12 B20 oA 3107.812 TCT rounding over bit D20,7 B9,5 R4 mA 3109.819 TCT Roman ogee bit D34,9 B20 R6,4 mA 3113.834
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