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FAMAG 6.5mm HSS-Ground Brad Point Drill Bit, 1594065

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SKU: F1594065
FAMAG 6.5mm HSS-Ground Brad Point Drill Bit, 1594065 - Premium version, fully ground quality with two main cutting edges and two taper taps. Specially ground spiral for very good chip removal. For exact drilling in all, particularly hard materials. Also suitable for some plastics, like acrylic glass, Corian®, GFRP, HPL coating, polycarbonate, PVC and Trespa® board. Specially designed flutes ensure a very good chip removal. Premium quality at a fair price. Specially suitable for stationary use. For soft wood the cordless drill is only limited applicable, due to the low rotation speed. Here we recommend product lines 1591 with cylindrical shank or 1596/1597 with hexagonal shank. HSS-G. 2400 - 8000 rpm e.g. Ø 4 mm 5000 rpm in European hard wood.
Product details
Width Height Depth Effective length Shank diameter Size diameter Spiral length
0 0 0 63mm 6.5mm 6.5mm 0
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