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FAMAG 20mm HSS Brad Point Drill Bit, 1591200

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SKU: F1591200
FAMAG 22mm HSS Brad Point Drill Bit, 1591200 - With brad point, two main cutting edges and two taper taps. Cylindrical shank up to Ø 10 mm, ≥ Ø 10 mm with shank-Ø 10 mm. For accurate drillings in soft wood, European hard wood, chipboards as well as MDF panels. Ideal use with cordless screwdriver in soft wood. The cost-effective brad point drill bit. For higher demands we recommend our product line 1594 in HSS-G with taper taps. HSS. 2400-8000 rpm e.g. Ø 4 mm 5000 rpm in European hard wood.
Product details
Width Height Depth Effective length Shank diameter Size diameter Spiral length
0 0 0 140mm 22mm 22mm 0
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