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BESSEY D39ASSL-SB Shape and straight cutting snips, BE301768

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BESSEY D39ASSL-SB Shape and straight cutting snips, BE301768 - For continuous, straight and curved cuts. Extremely compact cutter head with a partially countersunk head screw connection for increased manoeuvrability and precision for curved cuts. Joint area screwed connection with stud bolt, sintered disc and maintenance-free spring for extreme robustness. Reduced handle opening angle for optimised handling and an even cutting length. Central latch for easy operation without having to change your grip. Available in right or left cutting versions. The shape and straight cutting snips D39ASS are particularly smooth running and extremely wear-resistant: They enable high-precision cutting of curves in the tightest of radii and, with less risk of scratching the surface: It is possible to use the complete cutting length with every cut: On Hanging Card
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