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• Clamping force up to 8,000 N • Very large parallel clamping surfaces with 3 removable pressure caps • Metal-reinforced plastic housing and optimised sliding arm with double slide protection for more power and safety: The set clamping force is maintained and the sliding arm cannot unintentionally slip in the unclamped condition • Can be converted without tools for spreading tasks • High-quality 2-component symmetrical plastic handle with hexagon socket for the comfortable application of the clamping force (max. torque 17 Nm) • KREV with continuously adjustable and fixable upper section for optimum positioning on the workpiece Precise and gentle Workpieces with sensitive surfaces can be clamped and spread exactly parallel to each other – even behind and on the side of the rail. Corners and recessed edges as well as pointed and round surfaces can also be perfectly aligned: • due to extremely large clamping surfaces that are attached perpendicular to the rail due to three removable pressure caps that are repellent to glue, and also resistant to paint and grease solvents due to workpiece supports that prevent the workpiece from coming into contact with the rail Powerful and safe They securely clamp with a clamping force of up to 8,000 N: • due to the metal-reinforced plastic housing due to the optimised sliding arm with double slide protection: It holds the clamp reliably with the set clamping force and prevents any unintentional slipping of the sliding arm in the unclamped condition Versatile and well thought out The clamps provide an enormous number of possible applications: • due to ingenious accessories, such as tilting adapter, frame press set, clamp extension and table clamp the ergonomically formed 2-component symmetrical plastic handle with hexagon socket means the clamping force can be comfortably applied (max. torque 17 Nm) the continuously adjustable head for the KREV Vario version enables the clamp to be positioned in the middle of the workpiece for optimum weight distribution