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BESSEY KRE250-2K REVO K Body KRE 2500/95 clamp, BE207340

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SKU: KRE250-2K
BESSEY KRE250-2K REVO K Body KRE 2500/95 clamp, BE207340 - Clamping force up to 8,000 N. Very large parallel clamping surfaces with 3 removable pressure caps. Operating jaw stays where you put it for easy set up. Metal-reinforced plastic housing and optimised sliding arm with double slide protection for more power and safety: The set clamping force is maintained and the sliding arm cannot unintentionally slip in the unclamped condition. Can be converted without tools for spreading tasks. High-quality 2-component symmetrical plastic handle with hexagon socket for the comfortable application of the clamping force (max. torque 17 Nm). KREV with continuously adjustable and fixable upper section for optimum positioning on the workpiece
Product details
Width Height Depth Clamping height Clamping pressure Rail dimensions Rail length Throat depth Rail dimensions
0.32 2.7 0.32 0 8,000 N 36 x 9 mm 2500 mm 95 mm 36 x 9 mm
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