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BESSEY BAN400 Band clamp BAN 400 4M, BE172452

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BESSEY BAN400 Band clamp BAN 400 4M, BE172452 - Even pressure on mitre joints Crank handle can be relocated for right and left-handed users . Band is drawn in on both sides, This ensures that the pressure is applied equally on all corners. This is just perfect for ensuring clamping without warpage. Integrated coiling mechanism, The intergrated coiling mechanism is operated by a crank handle which avoids tangling of and damage to the band. So you never need to worry about your band getting "chewed up" ever again! Extremely tearproof, The special woven polyester clamping band guarantees a high resistance to tearing, and a clamping range of 7 m. The simply closing system can be opened at any time, quickly and simply.
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