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BESSEY EZS15-8 One Handed clamp EZS 150/80, BE130209

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BESSEY EZS15-8 One Handed clamp EZS 150/80, BE130209 - Clamping force up to 2,000 N. No tools required for spreading thanks to intelligent release mechanism in upper section. Ergonomically shaped 2-component plastic handle behind the rail. Powerful technology, The extremely sophisticated technology makes it possible – single-handed clamping and spreading of workpieces with up to 2,000 N clamping force. Intelligent release mechanism, Thanks to the intelligent release mechanism, the upper section can be quickly converted from clamping to spreading without the need for tools. Handle behind the rail, The ergonomically shaped 2-component plastic handle with pump lever is positioned behind the rail, enabling a powerful grip. Protective caps, The protective caps on the clamping surfaces guarantee material protection and secure clamping.
Product details
Width Height Depth Clamping height Clamping pressure Rail dimensions Rail length Throat depth Rail dimensions
0.225 0.4 0.37 0 2,000 N 19 x 6 mm 150 mm 80 mm 19 x 6 mm
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