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BESSEY GSV300M Variable high-performance clamp GSV 3000/140, BE104842

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BESSEY GSV300M Variable high-performance clamp GSV 3000/140, BE104842 - Clamping force up to 9,000 N. Tipping is prevented through central positioning on the workpiece. Long service life thanks to special heat-resistant pressure plate with sintered steel insert, can be tilted by up to 35°. Clamp can be fed through an opening in the workpiece/component. End fastenings can be loosened without tools, The end fastenings on both sides can be loosened without tools enabling rapid changeover of the sliding arms for spreading tasks. It is also possible to replace the sliding arms or to add additional sliding arms easily. Interchangeable sliding arms, The sliding arm is made from forged tempered steel and guarantees the highest level of safety through the linear transfer of forces and can withstand extremely large loads. These can be replaced by other sliding arm variants to suit the application and can also be supplemented by others.
Product details
Width Height Depth Clamping height Clamping pressure Rail dimensions Rail length Throat depth Rail dimensions
0.21 0.4 3.3 0 9,000 N 30 x 15 mm 3000 mm 140 mm 30 x 15 mm
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