BESSEY, KLI40   KliKlamp KLI 400/80, BE104685

BESSEY, KLI40 KliKlamp KLI 400/80, BE104685

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• Clamping force up to 1,200 N • Feather light yet ultra strong • Sturdy fixed and sliding arms made from lightweight magnesium • Quick and vibration free clamping • On carded hang pack Sturdy magnesium, The surface-coated upper and lower sections made from sturdy magnesium are extremely light and strong. Multi-stage ratchet mechanism, The multi-stage ratchet mechanism is easy to operate, vibration-resistant, particularly easy to control, and can be released quickly. A secure hold, The fixed arm with the crossed v-grooves holds round, pointed or angular components firmly in place. This is part of what makes the KliKlamp so versatile. Ergonomically shaped clamping arm, The ergonomically shaped clamping arm made from fibreglass-reinforced polyamide is breakproof and fits very snugly in the hand. That's quality of the highest calibre.