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BESSEY BAS-CB9-4 BAS-CB compact machine clamp, BE102432

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BESSEY BAS-CB9-4 BAS-CB compact machine clamp, BE102432 - Clamping force up to 16,000 N, Space-saving construction, thus up to 30 % smaller than comparable competitive models. Housing and pressure arm made from hardened and tempered stainless steel, making it extremely robust and durable. BAS-C with open fixing hole and BAS-CB with closed fixing hole for M 10 / M 12. Space saving and adjustable, The compact design, both in height and surface requirements, distinguishes all of the models. Clamping height can be increased progressively in 80 mm steps with the BESSEY BASO base unit. When using more than one base unit, care must be taken to provide precise workpiece contact surfaces.
Product details
Width Height Depth Clamping height Clamping pressure Rail dimensions Rail length Throat depth Rail dimensions
0.85 0.45 0.17 0 16,000 N 0 0 40 mm 0
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