BESSEY, GRA60-12   Claw clamp GRA 600/120, BE102296

BESSEY, GRA60-12 Claw clamp GRA 600/120, BE102296

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• Clamping and spreading force up to 7,500 N • Externally-positioned spindle, protected from welding spatter • Clear access to work area Maximum stability, The clamp forged from a single piece with moulded pressure plate is hardened, tempered and galvanised, making it highly durable and torsion-resistant. The optimised profile now allows greater extension with the same stability. External handle, The handle is located behind the clamp's rail. This is specially conceived to allow the clamping and spreading of work-pieces which are not easily accessible. Special V-grooved pressure plate, This sturdy pressure plate is made from high-grade cast iron, and can be tilted by up to 30°. The prism is ideal for clamping and spreading round or angular work-pieces. Removable end stop, The end stop can be removed – to allow the sliding arm to be quickly turned around for spreading.