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BESSEY STC-IHA15 Push/pull clamp with angled base plate, BE102196

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BESSEY STC-IHA15 Push/pull clamp with angled base plate, BE102196 • Moving the handle moves the push-pull rod • Automatic and infinitely variable adjustment of the clamping height up to 13 mm while clamping force remains unchanged – without having to make manual changes to the position of the pressure screws • Adjustable clamping force up to 2,500 N, based on the adjusting screw in the joint • Sturdy, tempered metal sheets for a long service life • Base plate hole pattern suitable for millimetres and inches • High-quality oil resistant two-component plastic handle Ready to go – the first time and for quick set-up during workpiece changes BESSEY STC toggle clamps adapt to workpieces of varying thickness – without manual setting of the spindle and, with practically the same clamping force: • due to an automatic clamping width range Uncompromisingly versatile One size of the BESSEY toggle clamp replaces multiple competitor sizes simultaneously: • due to an extremely large clamping range, thanks to the patented mechanism Powerful and gentle Even sensitive workpieces, e.g. with veneered or varnished surfaces, can be gently clamped: • due to moving pressure plate with removable protective cap due to clamping force regulation via adjustment screw in the joint
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