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BESSEY GH100 Lever clamp GH 1000/120, BE101400

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BESSEY GH100 Lever clamp GH 1000/120, BE101400 - Greater reserves of power, thanks to optimised rail profile, for even clamping force build-up, especially under maximum utilisation of the clamping range. Non-slip trigger release. Sintered steel cams – particularly hard-wearing, low friction due to higher surface hardness. Quick – up to 5 x faster than regular clamps. Secure – vibration resistant. Strong – clamping force up to 8,500 N. Secure ratchet mechanism, The ratchet mechanism ensures rapid, controlled, vibration-free clamping. A hardened cam at the end of the lever ensures a long service life. Maximum stability, The optimised profile shape with greater reserves of force enables a more even application of force – especially under full utilisation of clamping width. The fixed clamp forged from a single piece with moulded pressure plate is hardened, tempered and galvanised, making it highly durable and torsion-resistant.
Product details
Width Height Depth Clamping height Clamping pressure Rail dimensions Rail length Throat depth Rail dimensions
0.26 0.05 1.2 0 8,500 N 28 x 11 mm 1000 mm 120 mm 28 x 11 mm
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