BESSEY EZS11-4  SET 2 pce One Handed Clamp set (2 x EZS11-4)

BESSEY EZS11-4 SET 2 pce One Handed Clamp set (2 x EZS11-4)

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BESSEY EZS11-4 SET 2 pce One Handed Clamp set (2 x EZS11-4) One handed Clamp set containing 2 x EZS11-4 Clamps open to 110 mm and have a clamping depth of 40mm The new EZ series of one-handed clamps from BESSEY convinces with an impressively wide range. It comprises the four sizes S, M, L and XL with a total of ten variants that can both clamp and spread. With opening widths from 110 mm to 900 mm, spreading widths from 80 mm to 1,090 mm and clamping forces from 200 to 2,700 N, the EZ series covers an enormous range of applications. Whether light handicraft work or heavy gluing work has to be accomplished overhead work is pending or a hand is needed to align the workpiece – with the EZ clamps this is possible without any problems. Practical convenience Ergonomics and practical comfort were also in the focus of the development of the new one-hand clamps series: The high quality 2-component plastic handle with pump lever behind the rail allows safe access from both directions. And thanks to the release lever integrated in the handle, the sliding brackets can be quickly adjusted and the clamp released. With the three larger versions M, L and XL, the upper part can even be changed from clamping to spreading without the need for tools – the pushbutton release mechanism makes this possible. The large, soft protective caps also protect sensitive surfaces. A crossed v-grooves is also integrated into the caps for secure fixing of round, pointed and angular parts. Robust design Modern aesthetics meets longevity: For the new EZ series, high-quality materials such as glass fibre-reinforced polyamide for the upper and lower part and tempered and burnished steel for the profiled rail were used. The plastic housing also protects the handle mechanism from